Uber and Crime Stoppers Announce New Partnership


Uber and Crime Stoppers International Team Up to Encourage Crime Reporting 

Uber and Crime Stoppers International announcing a new partnership aimed at providing driver-partners with tools to report criminal activity while keeping their identity anonymous. Uber driver-partners are now able to report crime and suspicious activity anonymously to Crime Stoppers Ottawa in an effort to prevent and solve crime.

The new partnership allows drivers to report potential crime to the Crime Stoppers hotline and online portal that will shared with Crime Stoppers of Ottawa. Working together with Crime Stoppers, Uber can be a strong resource to help identify and solve crimes.

“Helping to Stop, Solve and Prevent Crime is the mission of Crime Stoppers in Canada and our new partnership with Uber will provide anonymous information to our programs that will assist our law enforcement partners in Toronto, the GTA, Ottawa and surrounding regions in keeping our communities safe” said Dave Forster, President Canadian Crime Stoppers Association

For more information please contact:

Richard McMullen

Chair, National Capital Area Crime Stoppers

Phone Number: 613-222-8394

Email: richard.mcmullen@Crimestoppers.ca


Andrew Hasbun